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Own Health

It is always important to take responsbility for your own health and well being. When you invest in yourself, you commit to your well being. A commitment is very sacred, and almost always results in positive outcomes and evaluations that make it worthwhile of time, effort and energy. Investing in yourself, or that of your pets and family members provides a choice of freedoom, desire to pursue various options, an opportunity to research and educate youreself about options and choices, in order to achieve a goal of overall health. Taking this leap of faith in yourself instills a sense of self empowerment, determination, and will power that you or your loved ones are totally worth it. Investment and commitment begins with what can be an achievable goal to accomplish. Perhaps it starts with making a change such as: a hygiene product, a food item, addition of a supplement(s), preparing a meal or shopping for healthy options, taking a daily walk, reducing junk food or take out, etc. It is recommended to start with something small and slowly make changes over time. This provides less stress and overwhelm, as no-one can change everything in their life overnight or in a week. It can take days, weeks, months, or even years. The goal is to continue to invest in health and to keep making subtle changes that give you a sense of purpose, accomplishment and motivation. This also allows for healthy patterns to be established, and an opportunity to notice positive results; also a time for true healing to take place. As they say, Rome was not built in a day, and it took your lifetime to get to where you are now, so healing will take time, patience, and commitment. Remember you have the ability to own health. This implies a healthy minded mantra rather then owning a disease state.

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