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Trauma Healing, Homeopathy & Natural Medicines for Humans and Animals
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Meet Cathy

Meet Cathy Bradley

Cathy and cat

I have been engaged with natural wholistic medicine since 1998 and especially with Heilkunst Medicine and Education since 2001.

I have achieved a Diploma in Heilkunst and Homeopathy, DHHP,  Diploma in Animal Heilkunst and Homeopathy, DAHH Certificate in Professional Writing, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Psychology and Sociology/Anthropology with a minor area in Family and Children Studies. 

My professional designation is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Doctor of Medical Animal Heilkunst as an accredited member of the International Heilkunst Association.

I have continued studies in Heilkunst, as well as, other modalities. Currently, I am engaged in Herbology studies and the Dynamic Education Program, post Heilkunst studies.

Initially I was led to the practice of Heilkunst Medicine to find relief from chronic migraine headaches. I suffered for over 25 years. As part of my studies I had to experience treatment of this nature as part of the educational requirements. As a result, I no longer suffer from debilitating migraines. Because of the deeper healing involved, I gained a total  improvement in my health on many levels.

I pursued higher education, specifically to work with animals and their owners. Animals have become such an important part of our lives, and for me I wanted the best care and prevention for my own pets.  As part of my growing practice, I promote awareness of Healthy Living, as a writer, blogger and venturing into public speaking.

My background experience previous to Heilkunst and Natural Health and Wellness included working in both health and education.  Heilkunst medicine as provided me the opportunity to work with many issues including: Autism, Depression, Grief/Loss, Fear, Anger, Addictions, Digestive Concerns, Behaviours, Cancer, Lyme Disease, MS, Sleep disorders, Eating disorders, and Several ailments such as: Immune, Skin, Allergies, Respiratory, Urinary, Organ Function, Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Pain, Accidents/Injuries, and much more.  

In my work with animals, I have experience working with mobility, chronic pain, organ function, digestion, behaviours, skin afflictions, neurological, degenerative concerns, visual disturbances, pathogens, nutrition, and more.

I have chosen to work from a home based office to accommodate a career with having a family, managing a home, and my  personal life.


Formal Education:

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology from the University of Guelph

Certificate in Professional Writing: Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology

Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst: Hahnemann College for Heilkunst

Practitioner Diploma in Animal Heilkunst and Homeopathy: Hahnemann College for Heilkunst

Continued Anthroposophical Studies with Hahnemann College of Heilkunst

Several courses and workshops in various domains


15 years in the social services and health care industries with specific experience in mental health, addiction, and special needs children, including Autism.

Creative Interests:

Arts and Crafts


Digital Scrap booking

Writing Articles and Wellness Information

Recreational Activities:

Outdoor time with family and dog, biking, roller blading, leisure walks, hiking, camping, spending time in nature, skating and skiing. Regular fitness and wellness in yoga, pilates and reformer pilates classes.

Personal Interests:

Cooking, baking, gardening, canning, natural fermentation, and preserving.

Animals-I am passionate about nature and animals


Volunteer and Community Support:

Past President of IHA (International Heilkunst Association)

Participant in Ideas Share-A local think tank for Entrepreneurs, that encourages business support for each other by providing brilliant ideas, philosophies and strategies for growth and success.


What is Heilkunst?

What is Heilkunst?

Heilkunst is a medical system founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. 


It is an individualized health care system that offers a multi-dimensional approach which is safe and humane.

The layers of disease within each of us is different, making treatment unique. Importantly, understand that it is not about treating symptoms, but why they surface in the first place. Support is directed at the root cause.


Heilkunst is whole healing.


Three Core Principles of natural law are applied:


Therapeutic Regimen, Medicine, and Education.


The heart of this approach is sustaining, rejuvenating, and stimulating healing, while regenerating the deeper layers of disease to heal.


Regimen is about balancing what is imbalanced. It promotes immunity, strength, and endurance associated with healthy body functioning and physiology. Organ and hormone function are also part of this. Regimen is broken into 4 main areas. Nutrition (vitamins, minerals, nutrients); Hydration (water); Dormition (sleep cycles, sunlight); and Exercise (movement, activity, creativity). Exposure to nature, and sexual health is part of all of these areas.


Medicine is about combating disease. The use of natural and dynamic medicines are used to stimulate healing energy. These medicines do not conflict with pharmaceuticals, herbs, or supplements. It is complimentary should an individual need multiple supports in their health care. Medicine has been used and applied for over 200 years on plants, animals and humans.


Education is about empowering. Encouraging individuals and families to educate themselves. Inspiring accountability and responsibility for health and wellness.


Expectations of Treatment:

  1. A desire and commitment to be healthy

  2. Provide a timeline of all traumas with given instructions

  3. Awareness of knowing that healing can be difficult at times, as it took a lifetime to get to this point.

  4. Treatment and therapies utilized or recommended are specific to each individual. It is not a "one size fits all" approach to healing.

  5. It is not a "quick fix" band-aid approach. Patience and a dedicated desire to heal over a period of time.

  6. An exhilarating experience of what it really means to feel and to be healthy. This experience will occur at different times and is unique to each person.

How does it work?

The art of healing is complex. Each of the core pillars are assessed by the practitioner.

Essentially there are two sides to becoming healthy. The regimen side is necessary to address imbalances and sustenance.  The other side is the generative side. This is the side of creation, development, regeneration, and growth.

The regimen is needed to strengthen the body to assist with healing. The generative side is needed to combat the disease. The two sides need each other to stimulate the body to heal and progress.

The generative power is essentially the growth power. This is the power that disease is derived from, but also health. It is the deeper state that we must stimulate to heal in order to combat the disease from progressing further.

This includes the evolution of diseases, disease patterns, and genetic predispositions. It also includes the generation of new life, regeneration of cellular and organ production, and renewed health. 

It begins with an assessment of your lifestyle, acute and chronic ailments, an overall summary of the self, and a review of overall health status. It includes character traits, known as constitutions, childhood memories, other treatments, medications and supportive measures.

The key is a timeline of traumatic experiences. Traumas are experiences or situations that change or impact an individual or an animal. The timeline is a timetable map of traumas. Starting with the current, and working backward to birth. It continues beyond birth. It delves deeper into genetic, hereditary, and family ancestry. Healing unhealthy: patterns, belief systems, and pathogens. Provides an understanding to the pattern of events that are physical, mental, and emotional. It sheds light on the obstacles to healing. All play a role in  current state of health.

The timeline is generally worked through in stages, a guide and support will be provided. The timeline will provide additional information regarding the impact on the current state of health. The practitioner will continue to assess healing and challenges that correlate with the timeline information and the underlying disease states that attribute to this.

The process includes regimen recommendations and implements the utilization of various medicines, (energetic, homeopathic, dynamic, for example) which are used in a sequential direction. Remedies are prescribed based on a certain place and time specific to each individual.


The practitioner assesses total body analysis with each appointment including:

  • Metabolic Type

  • Body Type

  • Glandular/Endocrine Type

  • Blood Type

  • Constitution

  • Organ Function

  • Timeline traumas


To best suit the correct dietary and nutritional recommendations for your body. An in depth understanding of the ideal exercise/activity, sleep patterns and hydration appropriate for each of these areas given the above information. It also considers ideal food programs (i.e. GAPS diet, SCD, Ketone diet, elimination diet, grain free diet, etc.) that counter growing health concerns according to each individual and/or animal.


The above protocol applies to animals with the exception of the body type, glandular type, and blood type. These are not assessed in the same way as they are with humans. With regard to deep rooted patterns, genetics and hereditary factors: animals follow a different hierarchy that follows the animal kingdom paradigm-the pack, taking into account, species and breed. Animals do not follow a set of beliefs and values-this lies with the owner.



What are the benefits?

Becoming a healthy, living being, from the inside out, from the depths of cellular development to achieving your highest spiritual enlightenment of well being.


Treatment and support is provided and offered for everyone, including: pregnancy, infants, children, adults, elderly, animals.


Below are areas of challenge that Heilkunst can help with.

plant image
Lifestyle Challenges

Diet   ~  Nutrition   ~  Activity   

Stress ~   Weight management   

Allergies   ~  Detoxification   

Fatigue   ~  Sleep

Emotional Challenges

Grief/Loss   ~   Anger   ~  Victimization   

Fear   ~   Anxiety   ~   Shame   ~   Blame

Sadness  ~   Resentment   ~   Depression   

Behaviours   ~   Chronic Mental Debilitation

Mental Challenges

Focus   ~   Concentration   


Stressors    ~   Hyperactivity    


plant image
Physical Challenges

Arthritis   ~   Asthma   ~   Bronchitis   

Diabetes   ~   Cancer   ~   Digestion Disorders    

Fibromyalgia   ~  Hormonal Imbalances   

Pain   ~   Surgery   ~   Injuries   

Menstrual concerns  ~  MS   ~   Skin Ailments   

Lyme Disease   ~   Vertigo

Specific Challenges

Autism   ~   Addictions   ~  Eating Disorders   ~   Infertility  ~  Immunity  ~  Concussions/Head Injuries   ~   Self Worth   ~   Self Esteem   ~   Migraines   

Headaches   ~   Neurological   ~

Organ function  ~   Chronic Illnesses  ~  Developmental delays   ~   Learning Disabilities

Acute Ailments

Flu   ~   GI upset  ~   Viral   

Bacterial   ~   Yeast/Candida   

Parasites   ~   Fevers     

Skin Afflictions   ~   Pathogens  

Childhood Diseases: Chicken Pox, etc   ~   Homeoprophylaxis and more  



Catherine had been a great help to my family as a Heikunst practitioner. She had helped us from acute problems to things of a chronic nature. She is a true healer and also a very caring one. I don't know what I would have done without her in my life these past few years. If there is anyone that you want on your health team it's her and her expertise in energy medicine

— Veronica

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